Devonte Casely – Hayford

Devonte Casely – Hayford

August 23, 2012
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I decided to become an athlete because all of my older sibling had been involved in sport so I was influenced by them.

Being one of the fastest in my class inspired me to be an athlete and so did the Beijing Olympics 2008 .

I could inspire the younger generation by being a respectable athlete by and and play fair.

I wanted to achieve things like winning medals and championships.

I have achived these goals but I could do better I achieved a jack petchey award in 2010 and I got 6 sportsHall medals 5 3 1 gold and 1 bronze for the south London athletics network and one silver in the relay for Surrey I also got a gold in the wandsworth borough athletics championships in the relay and a silver in the Β  200m behind my team mate .

Advice I would give would be to always listen to your coach and believe in yourself. It’s important to eat heathy as if you do I believe it will help you be fitter and more healthy what is important for an athlete.

Athletes that inspired me were Tyson gay as he has always been Β 2nd to bolt but still never gives and strives to be the very best he can be. You have a good mentality , good coach good diet and train often.

The worst race I have ever been in has to be at Kingsmeadow where it was just a small open meet and I didn’t feel comfortable in my starting blocks so I was twitching and I nearly had a false start and came last.

The final food I will eat before a Β race will probably be a banana and I would drink a gatorade. The foods I avoid are like chips chocolate junk food in general


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